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Match your messages. Increase the impact.

At last, a set of comprehensive and easy-to-use tools to create engaging and profitable on hold campaigns across all telephone systems.

As a progressive business, you are accustomed to using sophisticated management tools and metrics to continually improve results from your campaigns or promotions, whether it is in-store, across the web, using email, or with social media. Now, with CARMA you can access the same type of highly-responsive tools to efficiently run your on hold messaging campaigns. CARMA provides premise or cloud-based solutions that deliver the results you need, regardless of the limitations of your telecom system. Contact us today and find out how you can start delighting every one of your callers, while growing your business.

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Instant Content Changes

Copy and paste the content that you're sending on social media, emails, etc. to match what your callers hear on the phone.

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Benefits of CARMA for Enterprise

Unmatched access to highly relevant quality content delivered with crystal clear sound.

Gain access to the best on hold and in-queue content to suit your particular audience and brand. CUBE works closely with the most extensive worldwide network of Music on Hold (MOH) content providers. With the expertise of our MOH content partners, content can consist of bespoke music, product or brand messages, curated news snippets, podcasts, and even interactive on-hold experiences. CARMA optimizes sound quality for different phone systems enabling you to deliver amazing and crystal clear on hold campaigns. You are no longer restricted to delivering your messages from the beginning each time, and you can even deliver time-sensitive entrance messages.

Connect with convenience and security.

Conveniently access the industry's most secure cloud-based CUBE platform from any place, at any time, and from any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone), anywhere you have an internet connection. Lost your connection? CUBE will securely and automatically come back online and update all content and schedule.

Intelligent management of service levels.

Armed with real-time data on caller volume and waiting times, you can now fine-tune customer service levels to meet or exceed your customer expectations. Callers waiting on hold too long? Now you have access to different options, including the ability to present them with alternative connection options while they are on the line, such as a web chat, text or email.

Unique engaging experiences that drive retention and loyalty.

Differentiate from your competitors by engaging callers with interactive experiences. Let callers choose their music or participate in market research or obtain valuable real-time feedback on their current level of satisfaction. Interactive customer experiences of this nature provide powerful ways to increase customer retention and build brand loyalty.

Quick and efficient changes to settings and content.

In addition to instantly changing content, you can quickly and easily self-mix and change settings (volume, fade time, etc.) for your audio music and message productions. CUBE’s self-mixing capability saves you substantial time and resources.

Powerful and efficient site management.

Easily manage content changes for hundreds or even thousands of sites. With CUBE’s powerful multi-site functionality, all it takes is a couple of clicks for your changes instantly to ripple to all affected locations. With CUBE you can quickly implement content changes with the least amount of staff involvement.

CARMA for Enterprise is affordable - Solutions start from $5 / month / site

We work with you to fully understand your target audience and create branded content that is both engaging and entertaining; establishing deep customer connections that build brand loyalty.

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