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Benefits of CARMA for Traditional Phone Systems

Mix Messages and Music with ease, right on the CUBE player

Mix, fade, set volume, and other settings for music and messages just like a professional with a mixing studio. CUBE makes the process easy and fast.

Easily manage your music on hold and on hold messages while you're on the road, from your smartphone or tablet.

With CUBE you no longer need to make a special trip into the office to change your messages, your music, or any of your settings. Log in securely from any browser - no special software to download.

Easily change out your on hold music or message content to keep things as current and entertaining as possible for your customers.

With a couple of clicks you can easily update the music and message content that is playing in any or all your locations. Want to set and forget? CUBE’s MOH system also makes it easy to preload new music or message adverts weeks or even months in advance. Quickly schedule the date (and even the time) when each music track or on hold message will begin and end; i.e.: play it 'not before' or 'not after' a specific date, or schedule more precisely using CUBE's day-parting capability.

Unlike most music on hold devices, CUBE can easily evolve to meet your business requirements.

CUBE is both flexible and scaleable: some businesses may only require simple USB devices, whereas other businesses may have many sites, complex networks and VOIP. Start with the applications and features you require and add functionality as your business needs it. The process of adding features and applications is both quick and easy. The entire process is implemented remotely, there is no downtime, or impact on your customers, and you will never need to change out your CUBE player to get new applications or features. Your store manager has the freedom to use their mobile phone or tablet to instantly change what's playing (or currently scheduled) at any of your locations.

CUBE is the most reliable player in the industry and it operates even when your internet connection goes down.

CUBE continues to play, without any interruption, even if your internet connection is down. It plays whatever it has already downloaded and automatically reconnects to the internet when it is back online checking in, and downloading any new content. The CUBE management console provides you instant access to a powerful set of online tools that let you know exactly how your units are performing. For example, you can instantly view the status of all your units at your locations and tell if a unit is online, offline, if it has the latest content, etc. You can even listen in remotely to hear the on hold music and messages your customers are hearing in real-time. CUBE’s music on hold player is equipped with unique real-time tools that enable your business to provide the best on hold experience to your customers.

Access unmatched content to best fit your brand.

Gain access to the best music on hold and in-queue content to suit your particular audience and brand. CUBE works closely with the most extensive worldwide network of Music on Hold (MOH) content providers. With the expertise of our MOH content partners, content can consist of bespoke business on hold music, royalty free on hold music, product or brand messages, curated news snippets, podcasts, and even interactive on-hold experiences. CARMA optimizes sound quality for different phone systems enabling you to deliver amazing and crystal clear on hold campaigns. You are no longer restricted to delivering your message on hold from the beginning each time, and you can even deliver time-sensitive entrance messages.

CUBE is different than other on hold messaging equipment since it supports multiple applications on a single platform.

You no longer have to use different devices for in store music & messages, video signage, or music on hold. CUBE supports a number of applications on a single device.

Evolve and upgrade in place.

With CUBE all features and applications can easily be added remotely, with no interruption to services - there is no longer a need to incur the costs and delays to dispatch an installer to swap out hardware.

All the advantages of CUBE are available today at a price competitive with far more limited Music On Hold systems. Why wait to help your business grow?

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